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Grateful Moments

{One of the best afternoons spent at home}

Immersing myself in planning a bridal party for a friend these past few weeks has reawakened my love for planning events for others (other than entertaining at home which I wanted to post about this past week, but didn't have time to. Boo). I haven't been involved in event planning and catering for over four years now, due to the high stress of it. I also tend to lean towards perfectionism which we all know adds more stress, but the high you get upon seeing the reactions of your clients when they finally see the final design and vision concept come together is beyond exhilarating. So between today and tomorrow, I'll be kitchen bound prepping the meal for her surprise shower this Sunday. I really can't wait to finally see all the hard work come to fruition! Wish me the best!

{Spent an afternoon shopping at Malibu Country Mart with some girlfriends. This outdoor fish tank with the pretty blue and yellow fish was a nice unexpected treat for the eyes.}

{Finally made our way to Hollywood to this recommended spot}

{Wishing for days of just this}

{Made time for tea at home with friends amidst the chaotic schedule}

Hope you have planned something fun for this weekend!

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