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Leather Cut-Out

Yumi leather skirt, Lace Turtleneck Bodysuit Top (old), Jessica Simpson Heels, Whiting And Davis Silver Mesh Clutch (also liking this one), Michael Kors Bracelet (loving this one), Red Sammy Dress Faux Leather Jacket c/o

During my high school years, I'd say I went through a few awkward fashion moments or what I guess some would consider awkward after hearing about them (let's face it, who didn't?!) For instance, I went through a phase of dressing like George Michael (even going as far as wearing one gold cross earring in the same ear that he used to wear his). I just thought he was the most handsome man on planet earth and was convinced we'd get married someday. Yes, I suppose you'd call me a very naive teenager. Then I went through my other phase of dressing like Michael Jackson, perhaps because I somehow got my hands on a red jacket similar to his famous red leather jacket at the time. I now realize that I must have had a special place in my heart for Michaels (and no, I did not end up marrying a Michael). What made that fashion phase even more awkward was the fact that I proudly sported my MJ style with an El DeBarge's mullet haircut. (Insert giggling here) I guess I've always fancied an eclectic flair of style. That was the only time I remember ever wearing a red and black mini skater skirt paired with that red "Michael Jackson" jacket, which I'm pretty sure was handed down to me from somebody. In fact, it was the only time I ever dressed like a girl and wore anything other than slacks to school apart from those noise-making nylon tracksuits that screamed 'I just landed from the moon!'. Please tell me that one trend will not ever come back.

When I was sent this red faux leather jacket, it immediately brought me back to that time period in my young adult life. As an ode to that moment in time, I decided to recreate the look with a much more refined sense of style by pairing it with my skater leather skirt, lace turtle neck bodysuit, a shimmery two-toned pair of heels and I rounded out the look with a sparkly silver mesh clutch. Who says you are supposed to don shimmery bling only at night time? What I really like about this red jacket besides its shape is all the lovely multi-zipper details, plus the color is a nice cheery red - not a shocking fire engine tone like the one I used to own. Overall, it's an adorable looking jacket (with a pretty print satin lining) in a very lightweight material making it a perfect choice for summer nights, and you can't beat the price. The only thing I would recommend when purchasing this jacket is to go up a size especially if you have wide shoulders as the jacket runs on the small/slim side.

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