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Summer Ready Bedding


I'm not really one who follows traditions, but if I were to claim one as my own, it would be during this part of the year. The transition from Spring to Summer is often the time I get my home Summer ready by switching out all heavy blankets and throws from the bed and sofas. This year I've decided to keep my bedding real light so as to avoid using the A/C much in the room. Instead of covering the bed with a heavy coverlet, I opted to use my flat crisp white linen sheets that I rarely ever use. Since the plain bed sheet felt kind of flat {no pun intended} in character, I chose to give it some by adding a delicate black satin trim alongside the top of the sheet on both sides. That effortless touch instantly transformed both the bedding and room quickly while adding a luxurious hotel feel to the bed. Between the headboard makeover, lighter weight bedding, and this little touch of trim, our bedroom feels very summer-ready. 

Things You'll Need...

* Flat sheet(s)
* Ribbon of choice (6mm wide) 4.5 yards is enough to trim both front and back of the bedsheet.
* A little patience and 10 minutes of your time.

I simply placed the ribbon over the stitching seams of the bedsheet. Spread a decent amount of the fabric glue in a zigzag pattern on the back of the ribbon and gently press down on the sheet for a couple of seconds. Continue with the same steps all along both sides of the sheet. I chose to cover the front and back of the flat bedsheet so both sides can have a finished look whether I opt to fold down or not. As you can see, I didn't iron the sheet. As "OCD" as I am about having my bedsheets looking crisp at all times, I forewent ironing the flat sheet simply because I kind of like the rumpled soft look after washing it (which by the way, feels like butter). Personally, I think it makes the bed look comforting, inviting - beckoning me to lie down on it for dreamy relaxation.

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