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Brands vs Sense

While I may strongly feel that it's important to invest in a great pair of shoes, I'm also fully aware that sky-high priced/designer name shoes don't necessarily equate to higher quality or comfort. Over the years, I have spent a good amount of cash on many designer brands only to end up consigning them due to the sad fact that I couldn't walk half a block in them without getting blisters (and we can all agree walking in shoes as if you're on hot coals doesn't exactly exude confidence). This taught me how to be a shrewd shopper - understanding that moderately priced shoes can at times be more comfortable and just as good looking as the higher-priced designer labels. But that doesn't mean compromising quality and style (I certainly never have), as I'm a person that lives in my heels most days and need them to expand as my feet usually slowly turn into a frog-like state as the day progresses. Only well-made real leather materials that can accommodate my rather unladylike wide flat feet conundrum make the cut when it comes to buying my shoes. As much as I love these Jimmy Choo black suede latticework vamp back zip 'Dane Sue' peep toe booties that have been high on my wish list for the longest time, when compared with the price of Ivanka Trump's 'Didia' cutout cage open toe suede bootie - you can't help but think twice about parting with the cash for its counterpart as they too, look just as chic, if not more chic because of the sensible price tag. Don't you agree?

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