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Casually Strolling Baja

Gap cut-offs and Tee (seen in the last photo here), Navy Blue and Grey Striped Baja Hoodie (similar), Gifted Pendant Necklace, BCBG Dream Rose Gold Bracelet (styled here - similar), Michael Kors Bracelet, Mirrored Sunnies (loving these), Floppy Hat (similar)

After totally getting roasted in my skinny jeans while in Cabo last year, I thought I'd outsmart the weather this time when we went to Ensenada, Mexico by going ultra casual in my little cut-offs, light gauzy tee and comfortable wedges. It turned out that the weather outwitted me with an unexpected whipping frigid wind which hit me with each step as we walked downtown browsing the shops. At first, my New York toughness kicked in thinking 'this isn't really cold...' then, I quickly realized that perhaps spending this past year in warm breezy California might have made me a little soft. Before you know it, I dashed onto this street lined with stores selling these baja hoodies/ponchos that saved me from turning into a complete popsicle stick. It has a rough tapestry like exterior but a soft felt material on the inside to give you a nice cocoon like 'snug as a bug in a rug' feeling. As soon as I walked into the first store, I laid my eyes upon a soft pink and grey striped one, and my heart was immediately smitten, but they didn't have it in my size. (Figures). After going from store to store without any success of finding another one like it, I settled on this blue and grey striped one which I felt was the most decent color out of the bunch. And now, I notice so many people with them on. Isn't it funny how you might not have noticed something before until you own it, and then it appears to be everywhere? Consciousness is indeed one of the most profound gifts that we're endowed with as humans.

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