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A Day at Descanso Gardens

Last weekend, a girlfriend invited me to take a ride out to Descanso Gardens along with her little five year old girl. Wow, what a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city! We spent the day in deep conversation while enjoying our walk through the different gardens and the oak grove, stopping at every point of interest - finding ourselves taking deep breaths of relief to be surrounded by such beautiful nature as we achoo'd the pollution out of our lungs. Small breaks as these every now and again are important reminders that the kind of life that is worthy of being lived and loved is not mere physiological existence - just breathing and moving, fulfilling our basic material needs. We also need cultural and social interests. Taking time to use the more meaningful resources that life offers to fulfill our intellect and emotions, replenishes us in such a way that helps us to become better to society and those whom we love. If you're in LA and are not able to take a weekend getaway, I highly recommend going on a daycation by taking the short drive to Descanso (it truly lives up to its name: descanso meaning to rest) where stress instantly melts away. You will feel at complete peace. Some of the highlights for me besides the refreshing diffused soft lighting of the cloudy day peering through those majestic trees, was watching a group of different humongous fish nearly jumping out of the magnolia pond to catch bread being thrown at them from visitors, the occasional run-ins with unexpected wildlife, and boarding the tiniest train for an enchanted ride through a small section of the gardens. The grounds are indeed dreamy and perfect for weddings. In fact, while we were there, preparation for a wedding was in full swing, thus the pretty hydrangea arrangements around the fountain in the first photo above. It's definitely one of the best settings for a picturesque wedding.

{What I'm Wearing:} Pilcro And The Letterpress Crossbody Bag (old), Vintage Cat Eye Sunnies (seen here), American Eagle Ripped Jeans (seen here), Long Sleeve Multi-Colored Top (shown here), MIA Studded Wedges (also seen here), Michael Kors Bracelet (seen here)

*Photos solely via my iPhone

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