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Grateful Moments

{Vintage photos like this inspire me and give me happy thoughts}

What a week this has been. In fact, this whole month has been so askew, it's left me with very little time and energy to feel inspired to write blog posts. Being the sound board for my friends and listening to heavy life stories and issues sure takes it's toll emotionally, but this is what true friends are for. After all, true understanding is found through compassion. However, to recoup mentally and decompress, it was important for me to buckle down to take stock and focus on the little moments that made me especially grateful this week. When you find yourself feeling depleted - what do you do to help replenish yourself?

{Twinkling lights are so dreamy}

{Braved eating a Quiche Lorraine this week - not sure I'll do it again}

{Fresh tulips on our breakfast table - love the ombre layers}

{A craving that needed to be satisfied}

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