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Sporty Casual Chic

Stripes Jersey Top (really liking this and this), Suede Wedges (old), Juicy Couture Necklace and Bag, Red HUE Jeggins (styled here and here) via Bloomingdale's

I hope you all had a great relaxing long weekend. Right off the bat, the weekend started with a barbecue invite to some friends, which may or may not have ended with the girls watching 27 dresses while some of the guys played guitar or watched the world cup game. Rounding out the weekend yesterday was doing what I love to do best - entertaining friends at my home. We passed the time playing two of my favorite games sequence and phase 10. The hubbies as you can imagine (boys being boys) were merciless as they whipped us girls in sequence. I'd like to think it's because we let them since we were feeling rather jovial after having some wine and tea spiked with baileys (huh huh...that's right - try it, if you haven't) before playing the games. But we sort of redeemed ourselves in phase 10. Booyah!

Have you ever waken up feeling in the mood for a certain type of outfit? Or am I the only one? Well, Friday I woke up and had a definite idea of what I wanted to wear; my new super light weight and comfy number 85 baseball-ish vibe shirt that I recently spotted in a store window in Beverly Hills and totally dashed in to get it. Combining this sporty essential casual top with my red jeggins along with the feminine chic red and black wedges, inadvertently gave the outfit a classic sporty casual chic look that my mood guided me into that day.


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