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Free Spirited Summer

Free People Embroidered Top, Hudson Jeans, Steve Madden Booties, Balenciaga Bag, Michael Kors Bracelet, Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sorry my dear readers that my posts have been a little haphazard lately! Trust me, when I don't get to post, I not only feel that I let the thousands+ of you that do visit my little space here down, but I get sad as this space is one of my outlets to keep inspired, expressing myself through fashion, design and the simple pleasures of life. Unfortunately, my day-to-day responsibilities, work projects, and volunteer work have absorbed a lot of my time, plus the hubby and I are in the midst of some big changes that will leave me with even less time and sleep for a good while (and no - we are not having a baby), but I will do my best to take a breather when I can and try to actually write some of my endless post drafts and ideas that have been sitting on my computer's desktop.

Anyway, how has your summer been going thus far? Hope you've been enjoying it and making fun memories. It's been real hot and humid out here in LA. Being from the east coast where humidity is expected that oftentimes induces grunting and moaning on my part while trying to lay low in it at all cost, I sure didn't expect the west coast to be as sticky as it has been this summer. Thank goodness I had enough foresight to have invested early on (way before summer started) in some nice free loose fitting, free flowing tops, like this Free People embroidered top, which makes me feel very free spirited as soon as I put it on. The easy breezy free flowing light fabric of it makes it one of my favorite purchases this year that has kept me well-ventilated with the occasional breezes. If you live where it's really hot - what has been your go-to fashion staple that's keeping you cool this summer?

Happy Monday!

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