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Currently On The Shopping List: Stylish Home Accessories

After living and moving around in different parts of the country - Nevada, Northern California and Southern California, the hubby and I have returned to our roots in New York. This move back east not only signals the end to a long journey of living in different states, but it 's also a time of starting anew. It's definitely something simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating. The process of getting our new urban place in the sky (which by the way, I need an official name for) feeling like home excites me, while living chaotically through this period of unboxing though for sure stresses me out. Can't wait to get settled real soon so we can get on with our life and do the things that we really enjoy and missed, especially with fall around the corner. To create a cozy personalized nest doesn't mean going out to buy a bunch of expensive things, rather I look to well-chosen necessary accessory items to freshen things up as I put this place together. Currently on my shopping list are certain everyday/functional items that I need and feel would easily elevate the home without spending a ton of money. Plush Turkish towels are a sure way to add texture to a bathroom and also give you that luxurious vibe of a high end hotel when you're wrapped in one after a nice lingering bath or shower. Since one of my bedroom lamps broke in transport, it gives me the chance to upgrade our bedside lamps. I'm really liking this geometric gold base lamp (but I also like this, this and this) for a touch of glam and shine. Now, instead of using my old basic chrome hooks in our master bath, I'm thinking of personalizing things a bit by getting these alphabet marquee hooks at Anthropologie. Last but not least, a no-shoes policy sign is a must when you're living in an urban city for the sake of preventing the disgusting things on the sidewalks from showing up on beautiful rugs and floors.

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