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Grateful Moments

{Our last big hooray before we left our glitzy neighborhood}

After months of being overloaded with commitments and projects that left me feeling de-energized, I couldn't think of a better energy booster than the opportunity to go back home before my favorite season starts. The thought of that alone fills me with glee. As life gets shorter, the stakes get higher in what, how, and who I spend my time with. Time and again, when I over extend myself, I have to remember that "life isn't a dress rehearsal for some later date." Since tomorrow is never guaranteed, it's best to spend time with those that matter to us, those that upbuild us and bring out the best in us. Never waste an ounce of time in all the minutia of those that are either jealous of us, gossip behind our backs or bring others down to make them feel better about themselves. Now is the only time to enjoy the good moments that uplift us. Hope your weekend plans are spent with beloved ones and take time for yourself. 

{Pretty jewelry displayed on my CA office' shelves brought me many smiles}

{Never got to try this place, but always wondered if it was really that good?}

{Feather earrings displayed in a candlestick in lieu of a candle on my office bookshelf}

{I appreciate restaurants that pay attention to details even in their bathroom fixtures and decor}

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