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Grateful Moments

{Fragrant rose water soap that I picked up from this trip}

In spite of a rather busy, overwhelming, running on lack of sleep week, there are still a whole lot of exciting things going on that are by no means little moments and that I couldn't be any more grateful for. For one thing, our personal and business obligations over on the west coast are fulfilled - affording us the opportunity to make our journey back home on time for the seasons that we truly missed on the east coast. In life there are those rare occasions when you experience certain things that sometimes cannot eloquently be put into words. The life lessons, business opportunities, friendships that were forged and the privilege of checking off so many of those must-do things on our wish list on the west coast will be something that we'll forever be grateful for and never forget. Until our next visit, we will cherish those memories for days, months, and years to come as we periodically peruse through the gazillion pictures that I have amassed during that journey in our life.

{Views from our new urban home's terrace}

{One of the hot spots we'll miss for sure from our old neighborhood - so many fond memories there}

{Souvenir from this last vacation with the meaning of my name in Hebrew in the back}

{How cool are these lights!}

{...and no matter how blurry things may be - there's always a light at the end of the tunnel}

Happy Saturday!

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