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Lace Bell Bottoms Chambray and Leopard

Urban Outfitters Lace Bell Bottom Pants, Chambray Shirt, Leopard Clutch, Aldo Leopard Sunglasses, Guess Ankle Boots (similar), Ann Taylor Necklace

The recollections of my childhood are very selective. They mainly range from the traumatizing times to a very limited few good passing moments. On the other hand, other memories surface because of two random photos I've come across in a relative's photo album. It seems that in those photos of me when I was around 5 or 6 years old, I was always in the same style bell bottom pant sets just in different colors - either a bright teal blue, orange or light green color that my mother seemed to have donned me in every time we went somewhere (what made it even worse was the fact that for some odd reason my hair was always all pulled taut back, so from the front...I look like a little peanut headed boy in a straight jacket the way they'd take the photo...). With such memories, you think I would develop an aversion to bell bottom pants. Au contraire my friend, turns out that I have a fondness for any flare leg pants, especially when you it's the right pair that hugs all the right places. In an afternoon shopping excursion with friends in Malibu, I decided to go into Urban Outfitters just to browse and came upon these lace bell bottoms that I immediately grabbed to try on. When I walked out of the fitting room to model them for my friends, they unanimously thought I should get it, including the sale's associate. So, it was a no brainer purchase for me after that. The smooth soft stretch lining and the lightweight overlay of the lace made them a great buy for the hot summer months. In addition, the style of the pants brought back memories of that serious little kid standing there in those bright colored bell bottom suits with her arms pressed against her sides as if to say 'aye aye captain!'. The bright side: it was one of the most comfortable pieces I wore for evening dinner dates this summer.

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