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Summer Ever After

How was your summer guys? Can you believe it's pretty much over already? When I made my summer plans this year, it was with the purpose to help me re-shift my mental state of what the season normally conjures up in my mind - hot, sticky, uncomfortable etc...etc... How did writing down a list of several of my goals help me you may wonder?
Let's face it, it didn't turn my blistering (ouch) hot days into blissful aaaah (angel's singing) days, but focusing on the plans that had to be reached steered my thoughts away from the many oppressive hot humid days that were even a complete surprise to many Californians this year. The thought of reaching those goals helped me enjoy this past summer more than I would have, had I just waited for life to happen. Though I didn't reach every single one of my destinations on that list, it's okay because I ended up having unexpected ones pop up that far exceeded some of the ones that I'd penned down. 

For instance, I missed out on strawberry picking because I think I made my plans at the time it was happening and missed the boat:-()  This kind of worked out anyway since the unpleasant muggy weather most days had me seeking shelter in the coolest lounges in town for happy hour, which I used to catch up with friends and date nights with the hubby. Although my strategies to maximize my days exploring this new side of me enjoying "blissful breezy summer days" didn't turn out to be exactly as breezy a summer I'd imagined - making a list of what I wanted to do and accomplishing part of that list (aside from entertaining, planning wedding events, exploring Descanso, walking on the beach at sunset, anniversary getaway) kept my mind excitedly engaged, instead of having the usual mental dread of the heat that normally consumes my mind. Therefore, all and all, I'm grateful that my summer turned out to be an amazing one worthy of being documented in a photo book. 

One thing I learned pretty early on in life, is that setting goals does not mean planning out every minute of your life. Flexibility is always needed, adjustments will be required as you go along, and a plan to reach them. Otherwise, they will always be goals and never achievements. On the other hand, when the goals set are reached, there's such a sense of accomplishment and happiness that can't be beat. 

In fact, from now on, I'm going to write down my summer plans every year as a means to help me look forward to the season. If you can't beat them, join them. Right?

Happy Friday!

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