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Grateful Moments

{Seeing such beauties every step of the way on the streets of New York City just makes my heart smile}

Happy Friday dearies! It's been a short while since I've written my grateful moments' posts, and it's not because I haven't had anything to be grateful for. In fact, my heart has been overflowing with much to be thankful about even more lately, but life has been overwhelmingly busy which has not allowed me the needed time to blog much. I'm happy to even have this small moment today to share several things that have made me happy lately. First, being able to carve out time to write this post means that our new 'urban space in the sky' is pretty much done with only a few minor details remaining to make it completely home and fully pulled together. Second, I couldn't be any more appreciative to be back to an environment where I feel at home. Third, the gift of being alive when a year ago (last month) I didn't think I would be while going through this is a cause for gratefulness.

{A well-curated bar in a restaurant sets such a great mood for a relaxing evening}

{Can't wait to frame this new art addition to hang in our home}

{This vintage metal cup of coffee with dessert made all the difference for a nightcap at a cozy neighborhood cafe}

{Brick walls and interesting dingly chandeliers in restaurants never fail to draw me in}

Whatever your plans are for this weekend, may it be wonderful and safe. Don't forget to begin each day with a grateful heart! Enjoy!

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