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Flirty Tiered Scalloped Skirt

Nordstrom Milly Laser Cut Tiered Skirt (no longer available - similar), Rockport x Adidas Leopard Pony Shootie (shown here - loving these),  Leather Jacket (shown here), Balenciaga Bag

I love days when getting dressed happens seamlessly without much thought. I'm not one to lay out my clothes ahead of time (since I never know how I'll feel each day, thus allowing my mood to guide my daily outfits), unless I'm going to some big event. This particular day, I opened my two imposing dark mahogany closet doors which seriously make me fee like I am an Ant standing next to the tallest Giraffe on earth and reached in for a tiered skirt. Next I opened my chest of drawers and effortlessly grabbed a glitter orange sleeveless top. Then looking over on the shoe shelves, I unhesitatingly decided on my leopard shooties for pop and rounded the outfit with the leather jacket for contrast and a little of bit edge to keep the femininity of the flirty tiered skirt from falling flat. The combination of the laser cut design and the tiered scalloped edges really blends comfort and chicness - giving it this versatility to either dress up or down by pairing it with cowboy boots, tucked in t-shirt and a denim jacket.

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