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Grateful Moments

Even though this week presented its many challenges, it still turned out to be a productive one, as I accomplished several things on my unending long list such as wrapping my rose bushes on our terrace to prevent them from frosting away and dying this winter, to spray painting some objects and revamping my inspiration board to reflect what's inspiring me at the moment and/or looking to incorporate into my decor.  Besides, the amazingly intense rich hues of the fall foliage in New York right now just have this soothing effect on me as I walk/drive around or when I look out my windows and balconies of my apartment. This weekend, I'm looking forward to baking my first apple pie (more coming up about that in another post), taking a stroll in Central Park to enjoy the fall while it's at its peak and a night out with the hubby at a 'new to us' spot. In the meantime, I'd like to leave you with some warm rich Autumn hues from our recent upstate trip to warm your heart for the weekend.

Happy weekend!

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