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Happy for Hudson Jeans

Hudson Jeans "Nico Mid-Rise Super Skinny", Merona Crew neck Pullover Sweater (target style - similar), Striped Blanket Coat (similar here and here), Black Suede Ankle Boots (ancient),

I love to be comfortable, especially during layering season. The hunt to find the right key pieces that are stylish, light, yet warm enough to keep my bits and pieces from freezing when the temperature drops can be difficult. I was very pleased and surprised on how cozy I felt this week in one of my favorite pairs of Hudson jeans.* The crackle soft luxe stretch cotton blend material is such that it feels almost like leather, but what makes these jeans even one of my best purchases yet is the happy feeling that comes over me when getting into them. It's like sliding into a smooth stick of butter, and you know that everything is better with butter. Even butter is better with butter. Anyway, I digress. Back to the jeans, these jeans glide on nicely and hug all the right places perfectly, while keeping me warm when the cold wind is whipping out here in the Northeast. The bonus: they're made in the USA, right there in good'ol LA. What's not to like? This brand has definitely become one of my favorites. After years of struggling to find the right pair of jeans that stay up, are comfortable and I'm able to bend down in and not show crack is a win win for me. I can finally say no to sliding down your butt jeans, say no to zipper never wants to stay up jeans, and most importantly, say no to crack jeans! What?

*This is not a sponsored post. Just me being me, giving recognition to those that deserve it.

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