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Anthropologie Jewel Picks

There are a couple of stores that make me wish I could live in whenever I step inside them. West Elm is one of them and the other is Anthropologie. I usually find myself uttering 'I love this place...I wish I could live here...'  The vibe of these stores is just right. The uniqueness of the objects in Anthropologie and the ethereal mood make you feel like you're stepping into another time period. A period of geniality; a carefree time where the atmosphere felt less tense and more warm, friendly, inviting, and hospitable - all the characteristics that I wish existed today. Even the website is soft and inviting, just drawing you in, which I'm sure it's psychologically designed to do just that. I'll have to say, it is working, because that's one of the reasons why their (limited time only) 20% OFF Jewelry sale caught my eye and actually stopped me dead in my (working) tracks - resulting in the curating of my favorite pieces. See more of their collection here.

1. Tantalize Bib Necklace ($70.40)

2. Golden Slice Double-Ring ($102.40)

3. Hedron Hoops ($35.20)

4. Doyenne Studs ($46.40)

5. Letter and Stone Posts ($25.60)

6. 14K Gold Diamond Infinity Bracelet ($446.40)

7. Ravel Ring ($35.20)

8. Palmae Necklace  ($302.40)

9. Royal Mile Moonstone Ring ($238.40)

10. Pearled Cube Earrings  ($198.40)

11. Rustic Ruby Bracelet  ($278.40)

12. Pearl Eclipse Ring ($150.40)

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