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Apple Pie Made Easy

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful long weekend. To cheer up your Monday, I wanted to share something sweet with you today that maybe you can make when you get home tonight. Recently, I decided it was time to get in on the action and start my own tradition that we can look forward to annually for my family of two (the hubby and I). Part of this new tradition was to tackle baking my first apple pie, although my favorite desserts are the creamy custard types like, Creme Brulee, chocolate mousse, pot de creme, panna cotta and such. I do however, on the rare occasion like to be served a nice helping of a warm deliciously gooey piece of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream melting down over it. And since apples are in abundance during the fall season, I couldn't think of a more perfect enduring American classic to start creating memories with, but the old-fashioned apple pie. Though I've made many desserts in my limited lifetime, overall, due to impatience, I much prefer making quick fool proof desserts in the realm of the ones I've mentioned above. So for years, the idea of making an apple pie sounded overwhelmingly complicated and something that would require too many steps and time for me to tackle. For my first attempt, it was imperative that I found a recipe that would ease me into making apple pies, while still delivering that good'ole (non-soggy) rich apple pie taste permeated with cinnamon flavors that instantly gives you that comforting feeling with the first bite. After a quick Google search (by the way, how did we survive without Google before?), I came upon this unbelievably easy recipe* that at first glance made me very skeptical. It looked too simplistic. I was thinking, 'where's the complex baking calculations that would require a degree in advanced Science?' Then I realized, that's exactly what I'm looking for. A quick easy recipe that would not scare me away from my first attempt at a family tradition. Turns out that this recipe helped remove my apprehension of apple pie baking, and actually gave me confidence that I could do it all along, plus it tasted delicious. I mean, for a first apple pie for a novice - it doesn't look too shabby, huh?! Well, if you're looking to bake your first apple pie. I highly recommend trying this fast easy recipe.

*Note: I used two different kind of apples (2 granny smith and 2 honey crisp), and added one of the most important ingredients an apple pie should have - cinnamon. 1/4 tsp. to be exact. Even though I've made pie dough before, this time I kept it all simple by using store bought ones as suggested in the recipe. Happy baking!

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