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Grateful Moments

[These branches on the breakfast table make me smile every time I see them]

Have you ever had a week where the days just seem to run into each other causing you to feel completely disoriented? That was my week. So if you had a week like that, take heart that you're not alone. Weeks like these help me appreciate this quote "Everyday may not be good but there's something good in everyday." Such a great quote, because many times our frenzied minds can fill us with such anxiety and negative thoughts that we don't even know if we're coming or going. But, how good it is when we decisively take the moment to count our blessings amidst the chaos. Wouldn't you agree there's always something good that we can be grateful for? At times, it can be just the little every day things, like taking a walk out of the office to get fresh air or getting that favorite drink at Starbucks. In spite of feeling drained this week, I still had many things to be grateful for, including a nice brunch with the hubby and a window shopping stroll through the Meatpacking district ending with a sweet gelato cone in Chelsea Market. Have yourself something sweet this weekend.

[This place brings back so many memories in my barely 20's days]

[I feel super cozy looking at this jacket. It'd be like having a sheep dog without the maintenance]

[Went to Marakesh right in my own City. Gotta love NYC]

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