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Most Loved Golden DIYs Of 2014

"The key to great design is the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary." ~ @DaFashionista1

If I were to pick one purchase this year that brought me the most joy, I'd have to say it was my Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray paint. With that one simple can, I was able to transform many decor detail pieces in our home from ordinary to extraordinary. Though a very inexpensive basic purchase, it made quite a big impact in the look of some decorative accessories that have become very special in our home. Now, that was one purchase that kept on giving.

Take this little squirrel can opener from Cost Plus World Market, for instance. Though I'm not into collecting tchotchkes, it caught my attention because it reminded me of a rather large squirrel (about the size of a 6 week old kitten) that would jump from the backyard tree onto the window screen of our Beverly Hills home office, chattering his teeth while intently staring us down. At first when we heard this strong ongoing rattling from the backyard side gate, we thought it was some burglar trying to break through, but we then realized that it was the squirrel trying to jump onto the window to look at us. Unbeknownst to me, he quickly became the hubby's pet and he started tucking nuts in the tree for him (as if he needed it). As you can already imagine, that one friendly gesture began to attract his buddies and soon enough there was a gang of about three of them that would come hopping out of nowhere when they heard my back door open, running towards me while I was about to water my plants. They were probably thinking "here's our easy foolish nut feeder for the day..." Needless to say, I jumped right back inside as if I had seen a literal gang heading towards me. Thus, when I spotted this squirrel can opener from Cost Plus World Market, I decided to buy it for decorative purposes since it reminds me of the squirrel who shared our window with us. Furthermore, this one was a much safer one to have without the risk of getting rabies. However, once I saw the dull pewter patina of it, I knew this little guy needed a makeover to make him shine as a squirrel from Beverly Hills should. And this is how he turned out. So now every time I look at this squirrel can opener, I think of our BH's "Peeping Squirrel".

Keeping in step with the animal theme this year, is the mild fascination that I've had with the Rhinoceros. Even though they might have poor vision, I still like how their stance exudes strength. A while back the hubby and I saw a heavy silver metal decorative one as a store display, and have been looking for a similar one since, but we haven't been so fortunate in our search. The next best thing was to upgrade this small plastic toy one from a local craft store with a coat of my gold metallic paint. And now when you see it, you'd think it's a heavy and expensive animal decor item when in fact, it's this ordinary plastic toy rhino. It's such a distressing thought that they're at risk of extinction because of being slaughtered by poachers for their horns.

Last but not least, are these Ikea chair legs (if you follow me on IG, I'm sure you have already seen them). I'm overjoyed with the instant visual transformation that several coats of spray paint made on those black legs. Now, they have more of a West Elm style which I love. 

The next item to make more glamorous with a touch of gold metallic spray paint makeover are these bookends that I recently purchased. Lately, it seems that I might have gotten the Midas touch bug as everything seems to look better in gold. How about you - have you been bitten by the same gold bug?

Psst: a couple of the other ones are here and here.

*P.S. Do you see that little hidden clown face on my cowhide rug? How weird, huh!

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