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Two Thousand Fifteen In Retrospect

Goodbye.Au Revoir.Looking Back. In Retrospect. 2015 Highlights

2015 started out with a good stride, but inevitably not too long thereafter, it ushered in its set of challenges that honestly at one point made me want to quit. Nevertheless, with perseverance and the support of my sweet hubby, I was able to get through the year. However, instead of ending the year reliving those unpleasant memories, I'm going to focus and highlight a few of those happy moments that kept me pushing forward this past year.

True, I may not have accomplished the majority of what I had hoped for/expected (though being reminded of goal #2 noted here), I'm still grateful. After all, there were some fulfilling moments to be proud of. Like, working the NYFW show, attended my first fashion conference in years, traveled to new places, checked this off my list including several others, enjoyed glorious sunny days in the outdoors at the park and on our terrace. Captured our first blood moon right off our terracelunched and dined with old and new friends, relived the time period of Great Gatsby, and oh, BSI got a little bit of a makeover after much blood, sweat, and tears. If you haven't checked it out yet, please take a look around. I'll acquaint you with just a few of the new features. Now you'll find under each tab, there are drop downs that take you directly to a specific topic of interest, including the shopping tab with sub-categories such as, Home+D├ęcor | Clothing | Beauty | Shoes | Accessories | Gifts.  This makes finding what you, the viewer are looking for a lot easier.

This February blizzard view from our living room

Mercedez-Benz NYFW - an adrenaline rush that I look forward to annually.

The best seafood pizza + Sunday brunch that I still talk about at the Mondrian Hotel Los Angeles
This hat, because I love the color and it's one of my faves out of all my collections.
Love this picnic spot in central park over the summer.

That pleasant memory of seeing kayakers on the river when we stepped out on the terrace.
A party to remember + I apparently lost my neck while getting dressed for it. {Insert the side eye emoji here ;-}

Time with friends in Hilton Head.

Our first real professional looking blood moon photo we've ever taken! 

New (to us) restaurant discoveries over the summer.

One tasty Peruvian dessert that made trying this place all the more worthwhile.

The most bizarre rooftop fashion show ever attended. 

Of the many lessons I learned this year, three of the greatest ones that have made the most positive mental shift for me, have to be…
"Cry as hard as you want to, but just make sure 
that when you stop crying, you never 
cry for the same reason again."

"No longer waste time trying 
to explain who you are 
to people who are committed 
to misunderstanding you 
only understand 
from their level of perception."

And what also finally clicked for me without rationalizing and/or feeling guilty of being disloyal is:

"Saying yes to happiness means 
learning to say no 
to things and people 
that drain and hurt you."

Hope you like the new changes made to the website and please let me know via Instagram or email what you would like to see more of on the site in 2016. As always, thanks to all of you who have cheered me on Instagram with your kind comments and compliments. It was part of the motivating force that helped me to forge ahead this past year. I send you all a big warm hug. In the meantime, I'm praying that 2016 will be kinder to all of us with the hope that all intended goals become successful realities. Until then, see you next year!


Window Pane

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch

Hi! Hope you had a relaxing weekend with loved ones. The hubby and I just hung around at home and took some refreshingly quiet strolls at the park, watched some favorite movies, played some card games including sequence which I was glad to have finally whipped his butt on, after he was gloating on his previous wins that he likes to refer to as a "thrashing." Believe or not, my most comfortable moments to take outfit shots are when there are barely any souls roaming the streets. I don't like an audience and get super uncomfortable having people around when my outfit photos are being taken. So the quiet holiday was a perfect time for picture taking.

This outfit was a perfect combo for one of the very few brisk days that we've had during this very mild December month. The lightweight fabric of this amazingly soft to the touch micro fleece top feels as indulgent as cashmere and is a super-warm cozy choice for the cold weather months without the bulky weight of heavy layers. Between its color combination along with the window pane check print and the high neck style, it's become one my favorite winter wardrobe additions this season.

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch.Adelia.D'orsay Nude Pumps
Express Pink Coat. Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch.Adelia.D'orsay Nude Pumps
Express.Coat.Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch.Adelia.D'orsay Nude Pumps
MicroFleece.Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch.Adelia.D'orsay Nude Pumps
Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch.Adelia.D'orsay Nude Pumps
Blank NYC Vegan Leather Skinny Jeans.Button-down.Shirt.HighNeck.MicroFleece.Top.Snakeskin.Bebe Snakeskin.Clutch.Adelia.D'orsay Nude Pumps
Top | Leather Jeans (checksimilar here) | Taupe Pumps (similar here) | Button-down shirt (on sale) | Coat (worn here; similar here, here and here) | Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses (similar here) | Rose Quartz Pendant Earrings (similar here) | Bebe Clutch (old - similar here and here)


Join Me On Instagram

#Hashtag #FollowMe on #Instagram

Hello, Friends!

Let's face it, wouldn't you agree Twitter's fancy schmancy cousin - Instagram is the hostess with the mostest that knows how to have more fun? I'm grateful for your follows on Twitter, and would love for you to join me at that party over there by following me @dafashionista1 for some fun banter and daily doses of inspiration. I'm going to be taking a few days off, but I will be posting little moments on Instagram + Tmblr. I would love to see all your smiling friendly faces there joining me, as I know my world would be way more colorful with you in it. Awaiting your arrival and looking forward to following your IG handle in return. C'mon, you know you want to join the fun! ;-)

Best Wishes


Grateful Moments

Cloudy Rainy Day in NYC New York City
1. I appreciate cloudy days just as much as sunny ones.

We've been on a long streak of balmy weather for December which I've been enjoying. However, I seem to always feel more motivated and get more done on gloomy days like yesterday (with the right tunes playing, of course). Is it the same for you as well or am I the only one?

2. Love downtown restaurants - they sometimes remind me of far flung places like Paris, say.

Rockefeller Center New York City Holiday Time
3. An afternoon spent out and about always does wonders for good mental distraction.

4. A snippet of New York City's vibe currently.

Downtown Soho New York City Movie Vibe
5. It felt like we were in a movie scene here when we exited a downtown restaurant on date night.

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May This Weekend Bring You Rest!



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Casual Adventure At Rockefeller Center

Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center New York City
The fact that it hasn't been feeling like December outside at all, has me emerging out of my cocoon (home office) and venturing the streets of the city lately. The balmy weather has put me in a laid-back state-of-mind and nothing says laid-back quite like a comfy lightweight printed pair of track pants that can easily be dressed up or down. During this time of year, the energy of this electrifying city is in high octave - you can't help but feel energized by all the glitz and glam of the shops' windows. They just draw you right in. Spent an afternoon window shopping around Rockefeller Center and I stopped in Anthropologie and fell in love with almost everything I laid my eyes on. Here are a few of the items that caught my eyes the most: this coat (but the baby blue with the fur collar that truly embodies my style is already completely sold out...waaaaaah:'-(), the coziest looking cape, this weekend cardigan, included but not limited to the following: these mule bootiesthis one, this onethese must-have for the season boots and how festive and yet understated are these pumps?!
Printed.Track.Pant.Chinese Laundry Booties + Faux Fur Jacket + Sequin Sweater.Quilted Foldover Clutch
December Shops Windows at Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center @Dafashionista1.Copyrighted PhotoAnthropologie Rockefeller Center Store
Printed Track Pant (similar here and here) | Sequin Sweater (old - similar) | Quilted Clutch (old - similar) | Smoke Grey Ankle Boots | Faux Fur Jacket (old - similar)


Gifts Under $25

Affordable Gift-giving gifts under $25 for the office+home

1. Quirky Plumage Snuffer - a great conversation starter accent.

2. Gleaming Brass Julep Cup Accents - perfect to add that touch of glam throughout the home.

3. Polka Dot Journal - ideal for jotting down inspirational notes, ideas and goals in a chic way.

4. Jute Fist Knot Door Stopper - a much needed item in my household. I also like the message on this one.

5. This Tapered Lisbeth Vase shiny metallic makes for an impactful centerpiece.

6. A finely crafted pair of Gold Stork Design Scissors - one can never have too many scissors. This style makes an ideal gift, at least in my book.

7. One of the most functionally fashionable entertaining essential items in a home is a tray. Especially, a stylish one like this Croco Gold One.

8. Add warmth and drama to your decor with this Foxy Geometric Votive Jar.

9. Pretty desk accents like this Gold Stapler not only bring a sleek style to your desk, but induces you to want to work.

10. The natural jewel-toned beauty that Agate Bookends bring to a space make them must have items that should be on any gift-shopping-list. I mean, look at these. Pure beauty.

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After being caught with ineffective body lotions last winter that left my skin looking akin to an alligator despite the amount of lotion potion I slathered on, I thought this year, I would go into winter more prepared by making my own cocoa butter body moisturizer.  Although it appears that we might end up with a very mild winter this year seeing that it's been unusually warm for December, I'm sure at some point the weather's unpredictable nature will surprise us. And I know I will need a good moisturizer to keep my skin perfectly moisturized and glowy without feeling like a greasy eeky mess. Here is the DIY recipe that I use to make this easy all natural-chemical-free body moisturizer:

Ingredients: {Yiels 6.8 oz.}

1/2 cup raw shea butter
2 tsp. vitamin E oil
2 tsp. lavender oil (or a favorite fragrance)


Place all the ingredients in a small pan over low heat, until all ingredients melt completely.

Remove from heat and place in the refrigerator. Once completely cool, the mixture will form a soft solid.

Scoop the mixture into a stand mixer and whip on high for about 7-10 minutes scraping the sides every now and then. The mixture will turn into a white fluffy cream.

Spoon the cream into a clean container of choice. I upcycled a previous body butter jar I had on hand. And voila!

I can't tell you how much I'm loving this homemade body moisturizer!  Its light and fluffy texture make it perfect for massaging into my damp skin after a bath or shower. It is easily absorbed, leaving my skin feeling super soft and radiant. Oh, and it smells great too!

Imagine the possibilities of how divinely scented this moisturizer can be using a favorite great smelling essential oil, or a combination of a few (think, rose petalJasminelemon grass). I'm thinking of adding these top 14 essential oils for future body moisturizing batches.

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