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A Brand New Year 2015

Here we are a week into 2015. How has it been going so far? How many of you are still going strong with your new years resolutions? Much like when a big plate of food placed in front of me turns off my appetite - making a long list of resolutions tends to also de-energize me instead of motivating me. So, instead of being gung ho on making resolutions that most likely will make me feel like a failure by mid-January, I find writing down small realistic daily goals to be more approachable. I can tick items off my list as I fulfill them, which gives me more of a sense of accomplishment and confidence, while serving as building blocks to reach those monumental goals. For the next year, there are at least 12 things that I especially want to consciously work extra hard on improving aside from how I live my life normally.

1. Being kinder to myself by consciously shutting out the negative noise.

2. Focus more on the small accomplishments, instead of the seeming failures.

3. Dwell on people and things that matter, rather than spending energy on those who drain.

4. Spend more days reading.

5. Not shy away from doing the things I love just because it makes others jealous and envious.

6. Stop berating myself when I don't have time to post on the blog.

7. Live more with intent and less from habit.

8. Daily focus on getting at least 5 things done on my to-do list.

9. Network more with inspirational people.

10. Curtail my sugar intake (ahem, like desserts, cocktails, sweet wines...hope I can see my way through on this.  It's only the first week and I am almost caving in!)

11. Take more professional risks and not be afraid to make mistakes in business.

12. The top quote sums up my ultimate goals for 2015 in a nutshell.

How about you - what are the main goals you want to focus on this year?

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