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Citron Checkered on a Snow Day

Oh snow days, how I love thee! The best thing about snow fall is that it makes everything look more beautiful. I really like the glow and freshness that it casts on the terrain. It's one of those seasonal blessings that helps break up the monotonous gray that sometimes give the winter blues. A blanket of fresh snow seems to deafen the noise of the chaotic world around us and energizes me to put on my 'cone-like' white beanie and boots with a touch of citron color, rounded out with a fun checkered pattern clutch to go exploring the blankness of a vanished landscape. As I feel the rush of cold fresh air enter my lungs, the mental fogginess dissipates, reinvigorating my soul.

Golden Lime Green Coat, Nordstrom Grey Corduroy Leggings, White Turtleneck (similar), Grey Fuzzy Sweater (similar), White beanie (similar), Patent Leather Boots (old), Aldo Checkered Clutch, Black Cashmere Gloves 

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