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Grateful Moments

~New blooming leaves on my winter branches~

Can I tell you, there's so much hype that goes into starting a new year that apparently subliminally had me expecting something monumentally exciting to happen this month. Being that January is at its end, for some odd reason leaves me with this sense of let down even though I didn't make any resolutions. I'm not completely sure why, it could be hormonal or because the sky is gray and snowing, aaand I had a melancholy week. In any case, whatever that 'big exciting thing' I subconsciously expected might not have come to fore, but the small special meaningful moments I enjoyed throughout the month leave me with a grateful heart. Besides, there's one day left to the month, there's still that chance anything (extraordinary) could happen. You never know, right? ;-)

~I'd love to have this gold metal cafe sign in my kitchen~

~The movie we saw on date night~*

~Love the look and glow that these globe pendant lights cast~

~My office terrace view all week~

*Photo credit: image 3

"Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have."

Have a lovely weekend!

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