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Necessary Kitchen Tools

Going into Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma, or any other kitchen supply store makes me as giddy as entering into any clothing boutique or major department store to clothes shop. It's usually a hard balance of restraint from buying almost all the cooks' tools when I'm in those places. Thanks to having a mild touch of excessive compulsion were keeping my countertops free from a lot of gadgets (with the exception of a couple necessary objects like flour and snack set canisters, toaster, and kitchen aid mixer), that reels me in and limits me to buying only what I really need. However, the items listed in this post are some aesthetically pleasing necessities I have found to be practical kitchen tools that make prepping a lot quicker, especially as a person who entertains at a drop of a hat. I'm slowly modernizing by using the electric machines in lieu of using arm muscles (to squeeze my orange juice in the morning for instance)...for the sake of spending less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying a quick respite before entertaining guests, so my days of doing things like Julia Child are fading into the past.

...some more functionally pretty kitchen tools options for your shopping pleasure:

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