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Casual Cape Poncho and The Burgundy Floppy Hat

"Each day is a page in your own personal fashion story."

It's been so bone chilly cold here (you know, the kind that penetrates into the marrow of every single bone in your body), it has me wishing that we were still back in our old 90210 zip code - until I think back on the earthquakes, the alarming drought and the constant bottleneck traffic that had my anxiety level at such an abnormal level constantly the fourteen months we lived there. Those issues literally kept me from getting a full restful night sleep more times than I care to remember. Alternatively, I turned to this incredibly warm over-sized statement poncho hooded cape, which makes a fabulous sweater substitute - topped off with a classic on-trend winter color burgundy floppy brim hat that I unexpectedly scored at a flea market. Love when that happens. This is a page from my own kind of casual fashion story which protected my bits and pieces from freezing off.

Poncho Hooded Cape Sweater (similar), French Connection Stripe Sweater (seen here - similar), Boot Leg Jeans (similar), Suede Ankle Booties (old - similar), Tan Tote bag (old - similar), Burgundy Floppy Brim Hat (flea market find - similar)

On another note: I know the Grammys is already old news, but I'm curious about what you thought of the show? Does anyone else feel like it was a little flat again this year? My favorite performance of the night though was SIA - 'Chandelier.' I loved everything about it. That apartment prop was everything. I wanted to move into it with all its belongings. I guess that kind of gives you guys a little glimpse into my personality, eh?

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