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1. The email habits of highly successful people that I'm hoping can help open my eyes to ways of kicking the awful habit of scanning through every email without deleting them, causing me anxiety as all the thousands of emails from multiple inboxes pile up.

2. Ever face the dilemma of ruining that most cherished item of clothing and wish you knew how to fix it? No need to fret. These 21 hacks for salvaging those ruined pieces will put a smile of relief back on the face.

3. I've been dying for a hair color change since last year, but have been afraid to go through with it out of fear the bleach will damage my thin weak strands. Finally, I think this easy video tutorial on how to get great Ombre hair has given me the idea of how I'm going to apply my non-bleaching organic color now. Hope it works out well. Stay tuned!

4. 15 aesthetically pleasing easy storage ideas solutions for gift wrapping supplies that I have implemented for years and make gift-giving that much more fun!

5. This quick video on how to remove salt stains from your boots couldn't come in any handier right now, especially for those of us living in the Northeast. All the salt on the ground to keep us from slipping on icy sidewalks and breaking our necks has also been wreaking havoc not only on our cars but also on our precious leather footwear as well.

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