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Grateful Moments

~ Proof of our weather lately: walked in to these ice frosted doors in our home office one morning ~

Hi! How was your week? Hopefully, it was a fulfilling week for you. How was mine? Well, this week, I had to cancel a lot of appointments (some fun times with girlfriends and others not so much, so that worked out to my advantage), because I've been battling a terrible head cold and a mild flu this whole week. I've been downing all sorts of immune system boosters and of course lots of liquids so I can get well before NYFW starts next week. I'm afraid that this weekend is going to be a continuation of what my week has been - complete hibernation. So those of you that are in my shoes right now, please get well soon! And those of you that are in good health, go out there and have some fun this weekend for me, okay? After all, there is always something to be grateful for, right? Wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend.

~ My favorite Grammy performance that's been carrying me through my days since I first saw it. I'd love to get my hand on an apartment like that and put it back in order. I'm rarely obsessed over anything, but I am with this video. Still don't know why she didn't get a Grammy ~

~ Cooking this amazingly colorful cauliflower this week, sure put a good smile on my sickly face ~

~ NYC shining like a diamond ~

~ A night spent chatting over snacks with a girlfriend before this rabid cold invaded my body ~

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