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Grateful Moments

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it." William Ward

~ What my Oscar party looked like last year ~ 

Happy Friday! Heading into this weekend with a little excitement knowing that the Oscars are this Sunday. This year unlike previous years, I'm going to fly solo with a light fare of detectable goodies to indulge on calmly, without the worries/stress of ensuring anyone else's comfort. Totally, unlike my character {I live to entertain and am a people person} but if I'd shared with you what happened last year, you'd totally understand why I'm being a little selfish this year. I'm also sure it might have something to do with it being bone chilly cold here that just makes you want to hibernate under cozy blankets. If you're on the east coast - bundle up and keep warm. Enjoy your weekend!

~ This amazing ankle bootie is so me and belongs in my closet asap ~ 

~ Saturated pink daisies{sort of fuchsia} that kept my space looking bright for three weeks ~

~ Deceptively cold blue sky where we spotted this little guy perched on cold winter branches ~

~ Weekend rituals - afternoon brunches ~

P.S. Who are you hoping to win this Sunday on the nominees list? I'm not a big movie buff - in fact, the only movie I've seen recently is Big Eyes. Watching the Oscars for me is like watching the Super Bowl. I watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show and the Oscars for the Fashion and the hoopla. Love me fancy parties.

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