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Noontime Tea Time

Once the Super Bowl is over, that's when I start getting used to the idea that springtime is not too far off. With that comes the thought of gentility and renewal, which for some inexplicable reason makes me think of tea time - taking in the soft blowing air of the spring noon breeze while indulging on tasty food and drinks - possibly with pinky fingers stuck up in the air. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than dreaming of past ladylike days such as these. Days when women didn't feel guilty to carve time out for themselves to have a high tea party with girlfriends, where they discussed their worries and feelings in a relaxed setting. Though spring is still a little far off, as it gets closer I seem to have that imagery more and more in my head, perhaps because we now have a nice outdoor terrace (will talk more about that project in another post - stay tuned!!) for alfresco entertaining.

This year, I plan to turn those reminiscing thoughts of that past era into reality by starting my own noontime high tea tradition in my home to enjoy the fresh air, spend time with one or two close friends that can use the respite and as a way to welcome Spring. In fact, this playlist will be perfect for the occasion. Living in a world that is ridden with agitation, what could be more luxurious than taking out the time to host a lovely tea party filled with delectable fun sized treats, plated on elegant vintage china (or new...thankfully, I've amassed quiet a lovely collection from my mother-in-law) nestled in an array of beautifully assorted flowers on a round table in the outdoors. Those are the times where unforgettable memories are made to be cherished for a lifetime.

I rounded up the 12 basics to start off with from left to right:

1. Vintage tea plates. Mismatched is even more fun as they become conversation starters for your guests when they notice the different patterns and designs on them.

2. Charming cups and saucers - Gather as many different shapes and sizes. They don't have to be real vintage china or cost a lot, just collect them at flea markets, vintage shops or even online.

3. Pick up your sugar cubes like a lady with this sugar tong.

4. I personally feel that sugar cubes presents much better than fine sugar, and gives a precise amount of sugar per serving, thus averting any wet tea spoons going into the sugar creating unsightly tea stain clumps. An elegant sugar bowl makes for a classy presentation.

5. A crisp white tiered dessert stand makes a statement as it stands tall on your table.

6. I love the look of this peony print table cloth for its English and damask vibe - a great alternative to a vintage linen cover.

7. A Cake stand, elevates any basic dessert. I sort of collect them, strategically anyway since I lack storage space.

8. Keep things light and fun playing this tea party biscuits game.

9. Great assortment of teas. My three usual suspects are normally these: early grey, darjeeling black tea, and green mint tea. All of them can be served with milk, which is the only way I drink my tea.

10. Lovely teaspoons (on SALE). Aren't these birdie ones fun?!

11. Of course, a tea party wouldn't be complete without a tea set.

12. Last but not least, and not pictured, are very necessary items - tea napkins. are some more cool tea party items:

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