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Pastel Pink Graffiti

What I love about fashion, is that much like art, it gives you the wonderful opportunity to express who you are by your own personal style - allowing one to paint a picture and say what you feel at the moment without a word. True style is not necessarily about labels, but a genuine reflection of the person within. Which is why I find Epictetus' quote very inspiring:

"Know, First, Who You Are; And Then Adorn Yourself Accordingly."

About this cocoon textured Express pink coat: ever since I started on a mission to break up the monotony of black, grey, brown and white in my closet, I've been on a prowl to find a pastel colored coat for its fresh soft subtle neutral color to uplift my collection. After a relentless search for over a year, trying every pink coat I could find, I sort of was resigned to the idea that I wasn't going to find the one that I felt suited me well. Until recently, when I was running around town doing errands and my eyes landed on Express' sales signs plastered on their doors. I decided to run in just to browse, and happily stumbled upon this pink coat, decided to try it on, and fell immediately in love with the color, its texture and classic vintage-y feminine style - plus, the deep discounted price on it made it even more attractive. Other than the fact that I'll probably have my tailor shorten the arm length on it, it makes a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Sweater Top: I.N.C. (seen here x Macy*s), Skirt: St. John, Snakeskin Pumps (old ~ similar), Coat: Express (sold out ~ similar here and here), Clutch: Bebe (old), Belt: Calf Hair Leopard Print (similar)

And now, every time I open my closet to grab a coat, it's such a pretty sight to see. It's like a breath of fresh air to my bedarkened outerwear vortex.

P.S. Don't you love the serendipitous way of finding a wall background that just so happens to match your outfits? I couldn't believe how perfect this wall art tied in with my outfit ensemble. {Insert two hands raised in the air emoji.;-}

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