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West Coast Vibe Dreamin'

Never thought I would ever say this in my life, but I'm too honest to keep it in. This erratic polar vortex winter weather we've been having here on the east made me take a look back at what I was wearing this time last year. As unusual as it always felt to not be bundled up in the middle of winter or even need a scarf most times, I have to say that I could exchange some of our cold freezing days for a good dose of warmer west coast weather right about now. Which has me dreaming the west coast style vibe of wearing a not-so-basic blazer, white button-down shirt (or this intriguing Elizabeth and James sheer hem button-down), perfectly placed rips destroyed jeans, low profiling buckle ankle booties, completed with a perfectly sized slouchy tote in exchange for my heavy coats, scarves, gloves, hats and boots. Thank goodness, that'll be sooner than later.

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