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Dreaming Of Easy Breezy Spring Summer Days

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After escaping the bitter cold of NY for two weeks to the west coast, it's dawned on me that I have had enough of being weighed down under heavy winter layers of clothing. It was pure bliss when I didn't have to pile on a bundle of bulky clothes to go out. In fact, having been spoiled with lighter layers while away those few days has me wanting to break away from all unnecessary clothing, except I think I'd kill half of the population from all the extra layers that my birthday suit itself is packing from all the eggnog and apple pie consumption during those hibernating seasons of Fall and Winter. Instead, I'll settle with a more sensible less jarring craving - that of an easy-breezy effortless long flowy embroidered wispy kind of style heading into this spring and summer. Starting with my first gauzy embroidered tunic purchase similar to this one has me really looking forward to spring.

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