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Faux Fireplace Makeover

Although we love the openness of our sun-drenched penthouse apartment with its oak and wrought iron spiral staircase as its only architectural detail, I felt it required certain features to not only create more defined spaces but also to add layers of depth to help transform the coldness of the space into an intimate, warm, inviting home for us and close friends to gather. Naturally, I knew exactly the one major item that I wanted to incorporate to achieve that. Few things provide as appealing a focal point as a beautiful fireplace. In this case, obviously, a faux one that can move with us since it's not our own home. I've had my eyes set on the one shown in this makeover at an auction furniture shop since last November, but 1) I was too busy at the time to embark on that project and 2) I wasn't willing to pay the price they were asking for it. I decided to exercise patience and wait to see if they'd slash the price at the end of the year, which they didn't. Until about two weeks ago, when I made my usual monthly stop to see what new items they got in the store, I saw that they had discounted the fireplace to more than 40% off. Even though, I was already in complete mental spring decorating transition mode for our terrace and balcony - I, of course, viewed it as the perfect opportunity to snatch it up at a price that could not be beat so I could complete my vision for our living room wall opposite our kitchen. The hubby knowing that I've been wanting to get it for months thought the same, so we decided to bring home that fireplace right then and there. At first, the hubby was completely appalled by the appearance of it {if only you could have seen the face he had when I said I wanted to get it the first time I'd spotted it in the store}, but as normally is the case, I'd already seen its potential and the finished design in my head. Once I got it home, I gave it the makeover that it needed and the end product has made a stylish contribution to our living room space. Even the hubby is appreciating its beauty now. Here are the simple steps I took in bringing sexy back to this ugly duckling.

After giving it a good cleaning from front to back - I gave it a light sanding all over using a sponge sanding block, except for the front black faux marble area of it cause I had a feeling that it would stand out much better against the white once painted. For a glue-like durable paint adhesion, I opted for a paint + primer combo in semi-gloss.

Since I wanted to also paint the black base of the fireplace white, I taped the base piece up to where the hearth opening is and gave the whole thing two generous coats of white paint {allowing dry time in between each coat}. As soon as I put the first stroke of paint on that thing, I felt like we both were saying aaah! {Insert raising both hands emoji here}. Then, I freshened up the black insert of the hearth by giving it one coat of black paint inside.

After the white paint dried, I accentuated the medallion details on the front of it with the same gold paint {I used on this project} for a touch of elegance. Eventually, I might paint them white for a more modern feel - but keeping it this way for the time being.

In a perfect world, I'd never have the TV mounted above the fireplace wall - but unfortunately, it's the only place where the TV cable connection is and the only space for it. {Insert disappointed face emoji here}. There are many ways to create a focal point and interest in a room - fireplaces are one of my ultimate favorite ways to do so, however. One can never deny the allure of a fireplace with flickering flames in a home. Given the weather we've been having here, made working on this project in the middle of "spring season" feel even more appropriate as we're still freezing out here and in need of warmth by way of a candle lit fireplace. are some faux fireplace choices and essential accessories to personalize your space with:


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