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Grateful Moments

"Gratitude begins where sense of entitlement ends."

~ Full moon view from the office ~

One down side about coming back from a vacation (even business trips) is the fact that it makes you realize how much you really don't like all the mundane tasks of life, such as making your bed, planning out and cooking weekly meals, and worse yet - grocery shopping. Forget having to compute the fact that you have to go back to cleaning your own space. What?! Do you mean, I have to pick up after myself too!? Did you say, 'I have no one to bring me fresh towels, cocktails and food at my beck and call?'  It's definitely a shocking adjustment to get back into a normal routine of life. But no matter how dreadful it may feel, nothing beats being back home in my bed - seeing the things in my own space that give me a sense of stability and comfort. What made returning east even more welcoming, was coming back to a more moderate, pleasant temperature. All the ice on the sidewalks that had us teetering as we tried to walk has vanished, and the frozen sheets of ice on the river from our office terrace view have melted. All in all, these are some of the little things I missed and am grateful to see again.

~ The love and nutrients given to this little guy before we left, has kept it strong and alive for two weeks! Can I get a hooray!? ~

~ Still enjoy glancing at this container (now blanket holder) under my staircase found at a local flea market a few months back ~

~ One of my favorite spring and summer scents for the home ~

~ Winter river view, except all defrosted now ~

Happy Friday!

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