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Grateful Moments

"A grateful heart is 
one that finds 
the countless blessings of God 
in the seemingly mundane everyday life." 

~ Longer and warmer days ahead ~

Happy first day of Spring, guys! Although, New York City didn't get the memo, I'm still hopeful that we eventually will experience it. I've already been getting my home ready for the season little by little. For some reason, this week more so than any other week, the hours and the days seemed to have vanished in a swift rage. By the time I could pen half the posts that I'd planned to write this week, my brain was so fried - I found myself just staring at my laptop screen in a daze. My one consolation about this whole week that makes me feel like it wasn't a complete blip is that I got to acquire and complete an exciting project I'd been wanting to accomplish for the last six months. In addition, I've been in the planning process to decorate our outdoor space for Spring, which I can't wait to go through with you on here. So I've got a lot going on, it's just a matter of finding the time to edit photos that I've taken, and have enough brain juice left to write out the posts. Looking forward to a quiet low key weekend to recharge from this week that was a bit draining.

~ This rug would make a great colorful Spring addition ~

~ Pretty funky antique wall sconce ~

~ The must-have Spring/Summer ring ~

~ There's nothing like receiving a surprise gift in the mail, especially a starry round rainbow cinnabon cake from an appreciative client ~

Happy Friday!

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