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Words of Wisdom Wednesday

This week, the hubby sent me the sweetest encouraging quote to pick me up. I ended up forwarding it to a girlfriend because of recent conversations that we've been having, knowing that the words would touch her as profoundly as they did me. She called me yesterday and said, "instead of texting you back, I wanted to call and thank you personally for that quote. It's such simple words, but it came at the right time and made the greatest impact. Thank you." That phone call resulted in another conversation exchange about our adolescent years when we both apparently kept journals of quotes, poems and sayings that at the time struck a chord or gave just the right boost needed to press on. I thought, well, her and I aren't the only ones who are in need of heartening words every now and again. It'd be a fun idea to post the quotes that touch me the most weekly in hopes to cheer/encourage you as well, my dear readers. Starting today, there will be a new weekly feature on this site called 'Words of Wisdom Wednesday.' Especially on hump day, sometimes a little push is just what's needed to get through the rest of the week. Hope your week has been productive, successful and fulfilling. But if for one reason or another it hasn't, may today's quote give you the drive that you need. Hang in there.



Happy Hump Day!

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