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Grateful Moments

"If you want to feel rich, just count all the blessings you have that money can't buy." ~ Yours, truly

~ Rainy/gloomy days can't keep you from appreciating its value when you look at these beauties ~

This week, it dawned on me that the chillier temperatures have basically turned me into somewhat of a hermit - making leaving my apartment more and more difficult and less enticing to take outfit photos and explore. The only good side of that though is that I've been able to get some things done that I normally don't get the time to do when I'm out and about. Yesterday's weather looked very promising, I even had my balcony and terrace doors open for fresh air - but today's grey rainy sky says otherwise. It's a good thing that I appreciate the rain. I feel it helps you to relax, slow down and reflect on life's journey.

This outdoor space has me itching to tackle my terrace plans ~

~ The blessing of snuggling inside by a candlelit fireplace on a very cold "spring" night... oh how good it is ~

~ Love to see areas in the city that are nestled within beautiful trees without having to go upstate or to Long Island ~

~ Grateful for the cozy cafes that kept us warm and our tummies happy on cold snowy days ~

Happy Friday!

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