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I couldn't appreciate these art magnet words more. Being in a world that is filled with discontent requires strong determination to consciously live a life of contentment. In this day and age, where success is equated with the amassing of things, it fosters in most a feeling of dissatisfaction and discontent with what they have. The desire of wanting more, no matter what the cost may be, many times takes precedent over everything else. Admittedly, it's easy to get caught up in unrealistic desires, especially when you read articles such as these. Our viewpoint can affect our emotions. What I find helps, is to use the same amount of energy in making a conscious decision to spend each day or each week {like keeping a grateful moments journal} thinking of what I have. Over time, you develop this deep feeling of satisfaction that results in inner peace as opposed to an unhappy, anxiety-ridden life. I don't mean to suggest that I never have the desires to live like Trump, but cultivating contentment helps me to put things into realistic perspective, that results in a happier life.

Happy Hump Day!

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