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Grateful Moments

~Enlivening my outdoor space with pretty plants~

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a good while since I've written my grateful moments post or any other posts for that matter. It's not because I haven't been feeling grateful. Every now and again when I find each day too short for the posts I want to write, all the books I want to read, and all the things on the to-do list to get done - that's when I find it necessary and therapeutic to simply shut out all the electronic noise so that I can regain mental clarity and peace. And let me tell you, the couple of weeks of barely opening my computer felt very freeing. I got so much done at home, including hosting brunch, and doing a lot of planting on my terrace, getting it prepped up for al fresco dining and spending more time outdoors. It will be relaxing to enjoy reading outside on these beautiful refreshing spring days that have finally arrived in NYC.

~Reflection of the Sun on an early morning ~

~Another fun cabaret night at our local favorite restaurant/bar~

~Change of scenery: a beautiful Spring day drive in Brooklyn~

~This amazing sunset on the highway from Long Island~

Have a good one.

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