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Over a week ago, after giving a presentation at a meeting, one of the attendees called me late at night to pay me a compliment on doing a great job. Though compliments make me very uncomfortable, she unknowingly brightened my day as it really came at the right time - on a day that I felt like giving up. Such a small act went such a long way and is a great reminder of the importance of how we all need commendation. How often do you take the time to tell others how much you like, admire or appreciate them for what they do? This effortless random act of kindness takes no time to do, yet it pays enormously. Think of the benefits: it helps someone feel that they're noticed, that someone cares. It brightens someone else's day, motivates us to apply ourselves again in the future, and reassures someone that what they did was worth the effort. We need not wait for others to be in tears to compliment them. Instead, we can make it a point every day to look for opportunities to sincerely compliment at least one person about something we like, admire and appreciate about them, including those that are not in our circle or might even appear as a threat or competition. That's why I thought the above quote summed it all up nicely.

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Happy Hump Day!

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