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I rarely put my stamp of approval on beauty products as I often find almost all of them fail to deliver on their promise in what they claim the products do. And I try A LOT of beauty products as can be determined based on my lists (not limited to) here and here. But this hand cream, (that I accidentally stumbled upon while strolling in a new pop up store around the neighborhood) beckoned me to give the open test tube a try. As it turns out, this product became one of those indulgences that I didn't know was missing in my life all along. It's like that Rihanna song 'where have you been all my life...' moment. I thought I loved the silky feeling touch of this particular favorite, but boy, was I wrong. Hands down, this was the best hand cream buy I got this year. The buttery smooth coverage that you get with just a pea sized drop without feeling greasy or sticky makes me want to bathe in it. Oh, and did I mention its scent is heavenly? Plus, I love the typography and the vintage look of the metal tube. I'm definitely hooked! And I'm not even being compensated for this review. It's that good.

Can't wait to try these...

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