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Hot Pink Romper and A Zebra Wedge

Good morning guys! I hope you had a great fun weekend with friends and family. My weekend was a busy fulfilling one with volunteer work in the community rounded out with a great relaxing late Sunday brunch with the hubby. This romper outfit ensemble came together on a whim this past Friday. After enduring a long day of meetings with my clothes glued to my skin from the hot sticky humidity we've been feeling here, I reached a point I could no longer bear the touch of anything on my skin. And since it's not legally advisable to roam the streets naked, I needed to find something to wear that came as close to feeling free as a jaybird as possible. My decision to run into a favorite local boutique to browse around ended up paying off, as it is how I found this pretty hot pink chiffon romper. Its color, the light airiness of the fabric, the comfortable fit of it, plus its style attracted me to it immediately, thus it was an easy outfit choice for that evening to meet a girlfriend for drinks and gab time.

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