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One of the must-have things that was high on our apartment hunting list when we decided that we were moving back to the city was to find a place with a small outdoor space. Of course on one hand, we subconsciously felt and knew that it was a far-fetched dream and surely we were setting ourselves up for great disappointment (ahem, meaning mainly me) as outdoor spaces in this tight city is almost unheard of, or come with a very hefty price tag. However, it was on our list nonetheless. On the other hand, I was realistic to realize that if we were fortunate enough to find a place with an outdoor space, it would either be one of those Juliet balconies which would give it a French style appeal, which was actually fine with me, as it meant somewhat of an outdoor space or a very tiny balcony - which ultimately was what I hoped for. All I knew was, I wanted at least a little outdoor spot where we could sit out in the mornings to have our hot beverages, and a place to relax in the late afternoon to enjoy wine sipping and pleasurable reading after a long days work while taking in the outdoor air. Imagine our surprise as the agent opened the door to our current apartment, not only to be greeted with an expanse of space flooded with light, but lo and behold - what was staring us right in the face? A balcony! And for New York City, it was even a wee bit bigger than I'd imagine it would be. I think we simultaneously did a little jig on the inside the way we both looked at each other. Ever since we moved in, I've been anxious to turn that little slice of outdoor paradise into a cozy little space to step out on the minute the weather turned nice.


To bring life to this cozy urban balcony, the first order of business was to soften the harshness of the black railings with flowers and plants. I hung three long flower boxes over them filled with a variety of colorful plants. But in an effort to eventually turn this whole little balcony space into a cool lush cocoon, I also planted wisteria vines in pots flanking each corner of the space. So far, in a matter of two months - they've already shown tremendous growth, so I sure hope they blossom this year. The drab grey concrete floors called for something cheerie, so I laid down a yellow and white stripe floor runner from Urban Outfitters, placed my two Lucite ghost chairs from our old breakfast nook, and a small white round table. The final touches were citronella candle to keep any pesky mosquitoes away, a black and white throw to soften the chairs and for cozy reading on the chillier afternoons, along with a water can in a bright melon color for a great unexpected punch. There are still some small additions that I'd like to make for it to feel complete, but this is how things are looking like at the moment.


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