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Ikea Glass Tumblers DIY


I've honed a few specialty cocktail recipes over the years that have my guests requesting them over and over again. However, despite the innumerable amount of glasses that I have in my cabinets, I somehow never seem to have enough tumblers when I craft cocktails. I think part of the problem is either I haven't been able to find the right style of glasses that I like, or the ones that I do like are often way overpriced (like these, these and these). A while back, I was browsing Ikea and found myself darting to these glasses. Their textural diamond pattern design and their inexpensive price point made them even more attractive and satisfactorily painless to purchase. Once I brought them into the environment of my home, I saw them in a different light and knew they had potential to be more sassy. I decided to paint those diamond recesses with gold paint using a fine artist brush. Here are the steps to this simple diy.



And start painting away...


Make sure to allow the first coat of paint to dry for an hour before applying the second coat and have some cotton balls soaked in alcohol to wipe off any mistakes made with the paint. Or follow the instructions on the paint bottle to ensure proper application.

DIY.Ikea.old.fashioned.glasses.Painted and ready to bake

Air dry paint an hour first. Then place in cool oven and heat to 350 degrees. Bake 30 minutes, then cool in oven; remove. Top-rack dishwasher safe when cured.


DIY.Ikea.old.fashioned.glasses.After.on bar cart

Painted. DIY.Ikea.old.fashioned.glasses.After

I'm of the firm belief that a beautiful presentation makes everything taste better, and what more suitable way to take these humble Ikea glass tumblers from ordinary to extraordinary, then with a simple touch of gold. Now, not only do they shine even more brilliantly on my bar cart, but they also make every cocktail shine bright like a diamond.

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