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Marvelous Monday Finds: Fall Fringe Bags


I'm all for a statement fringe fashion accent piece (as can be seen here, herehere and here) every now and then depending on where my mood takes me, which is what excites me about this fall's fringe craze trend. There's just something about the free-spirited bohemian chic cool vibe that I love. In my book, detail is everything, so I'm naturally drawn to this one piece for the instant edge factor that it will give any look. Out of all the different styles I was clicking through (from the dramatic fringe detailing options at TopshopShopbobUrban Outfitters and Free People to affordable Forever21 chic selections), narrowing down to just these few favorites for this post was rather challenging - but I liked the ones featured here for their unexaggerated fashion impact.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Cross-body Clutch bag

2. Deux Lux Champagne Crystal Pouch (on sale)

3. Pearl Fringe Clutch 

4. Liquorish Fringed Clutch bag (on sale)

5. Rebecca Minkoff Suede Fringe Mini M.A.C. Crossbody

6. Fringe Hombre Clutch

7. Rodeo Suede Fringe Bag (also available in brown)

8. Whipstitch Embellished Fringe Hobo Bag (also available in 4 other colors)

9. Caribou Fringe Shoulder Bag (on sale)

10. Henne Fringe Hobo Bag

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Grateful Moments

1. The flower display of the moment in our entryway.

Tomorrow we're attending a funeral service of a good friend's dad, so it's really going to be a mournful weekend as he was one the nicest, kindest men I knew growing up. And having to face my friend under those circumstances for the first time after not seeing her for over a good 10 years makes me feel anxious. So for those of you who might be dealing with the same situation, know that you are not alone and I send my prayers and condolence. But for those with perfect health and a good weekend planned, be grateful for those sweet moments while the time is favorable.

2. This chandelier: an exciting reminder of Wednesday night Cabaret.

3. A comforting lunch break at the most hip cafe for gazpacho + grilled cheese and green tea latte.

4. An evening of cocktails under the stars with a view.

5. Taking a friend to Serendipity for the first time turned out to be the sweetest surprise treat        to us.


Comfortably Casual Cut-Offs At The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Around here, we ardently believe in the importance and the power of spending just as much time in taking a respite as we spend working and socializing. It's this tenet that inspired us to spend half a day exploring almost every corner, tree, and flower of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden last weekend. Some of you might have gotten a sneak peek here. This was my first time to visit the garden and it was the perfect escape that we needed. Being cocooned in this urban sanctuary strewn with more than 12,000 species of plants and trees on a hot humid summer day made us feel as if we were in a far away place from this "concrete jungle of NYC". The magnificent, colorful flowers and flowering shrubs, trees and their strong fragrance provided us with a spectacular treat for the nostrils and boosted our well-being. For us, living a happier life means taking time to stop and enjoy every moment that we get. Never underestimate the power of a respite.

*Warning: photo overloaded post...

On him | Old Navy Graphic Tee | Ray-Ban Sunglasses (similar)







The Outfit | HM Graphic Tee | Gap Cut-Offs | Steve Madden Wedges (old and officially retired - I'm really loving this one + this one) | Mirrored Aviator Sunnies (similar here, but these Victoria Beckham ones are cool!) | Vintage Scarf (used as headband)


Marvelous Monday Finds: Hi-Top Wedge Sneakers


I didn't own a pair of sneakers until I was in High School, and that was solely because it was mandatory to wear them in my gym class - which tormented my soul for I've always found sneakers to be unattractive as they make my walk feel less graceful - so every time I had to change into them my morale went down . I of course, didn't have a clue about the importance of buying proper fitting sneakers nor could this little orphan's budget afford the most desired/famous brands, like Adidas, Nike, Jordan's or PUMA that students in my school were fighting over and literally shooting each other for. So I settled for a no-namer pair similar to this one and called it a day. Which worked out to my benefit as I didn't have to worry about being jumped for a pair of sneakers. You want my low riding gremlins? Please take'em!  As affordable and cute as Keds are (really liking this one here), they were too flat for me. My height complex wouldn't allow me to be so low to the ground, though my high school nickname "shorty" finally grew on me by my junior year. Featuring today in my 'Marvelous Monday Finds' series post are these more glamorously chic hi-top kicks that are more my speed.

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Grateful Moments

1. A still, quiet view from a meditative walk at the end of a working day.

Happy Friday! Every once in a while I get these weeks where things just work. I'm not sure if it was because there was a good mix of work and fun leisurely time, including a rooftop fashion show event. Each day felt productive and fulfilling and it seems like this great momentum is going to run right into the weekend with an invite to a long time friend's new house out on Long Island. Happy weekend!

2. I've never had a Brussels sprout salad and to my surprise - it was shockingly good.  

3. That moment I forced myself to get out and go for an evening walk on a cool night               
    alongside the east river.

4. This favorite speakeasy spot is where we're always guaranteed for the best evening out               on the town.

5. My failed attempt at getting a cronut and the unforgettable SBD fumes that blew me off    
    line from the man in front of me. The downside of being so close to the ground.



White IKEA Dresser Gold Nailhead Makeover {Before + After}

One of the downsides to renting is the relinquishing of good quality furniture. When you move from a home that you owned (which we've done twice) to going back to a rental in an attempt to live a simpler unencumbered life, you probably have what's believed to be those "lifetime pieces", which is furniture you purchased with the intent of never getting rid of. Forgetting the square footage of rental spaces and the pitfalls of moving, you might be gung-ho on keeping those good quality pieces, but soon, invariably you come to two realizations: 1) those beloved pieces can't seem to fit anywhere in your new space, and 2) after a couple of moves watching your stuff getting banged up by careless movers, you can't help but resort to buying some pieces of furniture not so much for their quality but more for their functionality. And that's when IKEA becomes the favorite weekend excursion in exchange for puttering around in the garden on the weekends.


70's Throwback Retro + Fringe Top

70's.Throwback Retro+Fringe.Top.Steve.Madden.Tote+Wedges.Palazzo.Pants

We definitely have been in full summer mode around here trying to not let the season pass us by without getting the most out of what it offers - fun outdoor exploring. So we've been spending our afternoons engaging in different activities throughout the city, like enjoying a special jazz event at the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the oldest land marked mansion in Manhattan. We spent an entire afternoon there comfortably nestled in our lounge chairs sitting on a steep grassy hill listening to the beautiful sound of jazz with an occasional reading of some dramatic poetry in between each performance. As it got later in the afternoon, with the rays of sunlight streaming through the towering trees rustling above, parents slowly started to pour in with their small children and soon we had a flock of them playing, conversing and dancing all around us. At one point, I even ended up getting a hug from one little girl...cutest ever. I must say that moment sure transferred us to a time when neighbors and families spent their late afternoons in the outdoors enjoying each other's company. This particular summer experience makes for a memorable day in the books. It was great fun!

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Jazz.At.The.Morris-Jumel Mansion

Jazz.At.The.Morris-Jumel Mansion

Jazz.At.The.Morris-Jumel Mansion

Jazz.At.The.Morris-Jumel Mansion

Print Palazzo Pants (styled here - similar. Also liking this one and this one) | White Fringe-Trim Top (similar) | Steve Madden Wedges and Bag | Retro Sunglasses (styled here and here - similar here, here and here)


Affordable Alternative {Nicholas Thin Gold Plate Belt}


Granted there are certain wardrobe items I don't think one should be penny pinching on if possible, like a great pair of leather boots, leather bags, leather jackets and in this case, leather belts. These items are what you would consider a classic mainstay of your closet, because they are pieces you reach out for the most and give you the biggest bang for your buck. They are what I like to think of as key players in polishing out an outfit in a cinch (pun not intended;-). But what if a favorite item like this Nicholas Roxanne thin gold plate belt from shopbob is sold out? Then that's when you go for a much more affordable alternative, like this skinny croc gold plate belt. Its croc texture is perfect for adding personality to any simple pared-back outfit, and is subtle enough to be worn for any occasion you desire, be it meeting girlfriends for drinks or a date night out with your significant other. The sweetener to this option - it's 60% off!

More affordable chic options...


Grateful Moments

"Stop waiting for Friday to enjoy life. Make the most of the moment you are in now."

Garden of Ireland.Sweet Lavender.Daffodil.Soap
1. Still moved and smiling by these surprise gifts all the way from Ireland.

This world's speedy clock has me hanging on like this trying to balance both work and life's many responsibilities. I'm looking for much needed time off this weekend to lay low. With summer flying by so fast, my goal is to try to squeeze in and savor the few remaining nice warm days before we're forced into our rabbit holes of hibernation. The plan of action for this weekend is to engage in a couple of these activities besides taking some breezy evenings on our terrace. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Juicing is not a trend.It's a way of life
2. A new neighborhood juice place that's become my second home away from home.

3. Greeted by this perfumed summer rose blossom on a morning walk at the park.

4. The quiet mornings when I don't want to deal with bright lighting in my bathroom.

5. The most cherished part of our day is when we get to retire on our terrace for light al fresco dinners.