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Grateful Moments

"Stop waiting for Friday to enjoy life. Make the most of the moment you are in now."

Garden of Ireland.Sweet Lavender.Daffodil.Soap
1. Still moved and smiling by these surprise gifts all the way from Ireland.

This world's speedy clock has me hanging on like this trying to balance both work and life's many responsibilities. I'm looking for much needed time off this weekend to lay low. With summer flying by so fast, my goal is to try to squeeze in and savor the few remaining nice warm days before we're forced into our rabbit holes of hibernation. The plan of action for this weekend is to engage in a couple of these activities besides taking some breezy evenings on our terrace. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Juicing is not a trend.It's a way of life
2. A new neighborhood juice place that's become my second home away from home.

3. Greeted by this perfumed summer rose blossom on a morning walk at the park.

4. The quiet mornings when I don't want to deal with bright lighting in my bathroom.

5. The most cherished part of our day is when we get to retire on our terrace for light al fresco dinners.

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