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Grateful Moments

1. A still, quiet view from a meditative walk at the end of a working day.

Happy Friday! Every once in a while I get these weeks where things just work. I'm not sure if it was because there was a good mix of work and fun leisurely time, including a rooftop fashion show event. Each day felt productive and fulfilling and it seems like this great momentum is going to run right into the weekend with an invite to a long time friend's new house out on Long Island. Happy weekend!

2. I've never had a Brussels sprout salad and to my surprise - it was shockingly good.  

3. That moment I forced myself to get out and go for an evening walk on a cool night               
    alongside the east river.

4. This favorite speakeasy spot is where we're always guaranteed for the best evening out               on the town.

5. My failed attempt at getting a cronut and the unforgettable SBD fumes that blew me off    
    line from the man in front of me. The downside of being so close to the ground.

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